Registration Tips

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Before you register, please read through these tips to make the process as efficient as possible. When you're ready, CLICK HERE to visit our Online Registration page.

Confirm your player resides within our league's boundaries.

Our league boundaries consist of the towns of Standish, Steep Falls, and Limington.  

If your player is ages 4-6 and from Limington, please contact Limington Town Hall for their T-Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball programs.

Determine your player's League Age.

Your child's "League Age" may not be his or her current age. CLICK HERE to learn more about League Age and go to the Little League Age Calculator

Gather your player's required medical information.

The following information will be asked as part of your player's online registration so please have them ready

  • Birth date
  • Date of last tetanus shot
  • Emergency contact name and phone number
  • Doctor's name and phone number
  • Insurance company and policy number

Create your Member Account and register your player.

All new families in 2018 Spring season will need to create a new Standish Little League account in order to register, unless they played previous years for Standish LL Baseball and/or Softball or Bonny Eagle Fall Baseball over the past couple Falls.  If you have a Standish LL Sports Illustrated Play account, you can just start registering your player(s) for the 2018 Spring Season because their name(s) should already be in the system.

You will create one Member Account per family which you will use to register every player in your family. You will have the opportunity to register additional players after you have fully completed the first player's registration.

When you're ready, CLICK HERE to visit our Online Registration page.

Complete your registration by providing required documentation.

Players new to Standish Little League must provide a copy of a state-issued birth certificate (to verify age) and EVERY PLAYER EVERY YEAR must have proof of residency within our league's boundaries (Proof of Residency is requested as part of the online registration as well).

Residency is established by documents consisting of one from each of the three groups below to determine residency of a player's parent(s) or guardian: (for more info, download the file attachment below)

The dates on the files must be between February 1 (previous year) and February 1 (current year)


  • Driver's License
  • School records
  • Vehicle records (ex. registration, lease, etc)
  • Employment Records
  • Insurance Documents (ex. vehicle, medical)


  • Welfare/child care records
  • Federal records (ex. federal tax, social security, etc.)
  • State records
  • Local (municipal) records
  • Support payment records
  • Homeowner or tenant records
  • Military Records


  • Voter's registration
  • Utility bills (ex. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, heating, etc.)
  • Financial records (loan, credit, investments, etc.)
  • Insurance documents
  • Medical records
  • Internet, cable or satellite records

Documentation can be received by the league for their records in the following ways:

  1. At one of the in-person registrations in February
  2. At one of the evaluations in March
  3. E-mailed PDFs of your documentation to

Welcome to the 2019 Standish Little League season!

Keep an eye on your e-mail inbox for frequent correspondence from the league regarding Majors/Minors evaluations, start dates, and other important information. Contact us at any time via the Contact page of our website or by e-mailing

Thanks for registering. We're so glad you'll be playing ball with us in 2018! It's going to be a great season!

~Standish LL Board of Directors

2019 LL Medical Release Form.pdf
Residency-checklist - LL - 2018.pdf